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Welcome to Tohfa Box

Welcome to Tohfa Box

Hi there and a warm welcome to Tohfa Box! Tohfa Box is a delightful gifting experience for life’s celebrations. We are an online retailer which offers the options of selecting from our ready-to-ship gift boxes, creating your own box, or simply purchasing individual items. Our goal is to normalize gifting because no one should need areason to send joy to someone.

Tohfa Box was made as a convenience tool for professionals, the caring gift-givers, and brands. Finding, picking, putting together, & budgeting for gifts is quite the process. Think of us as the best friend that is always there to help you with ideas! This is why you’re able to text us what you’re looking for and we text you back with options to choose from. 

Another aspect that we pride ourselves in here at Tohfa is that we try each and every product that we choose to carry because we want to ensure that it is good enough for you and your loved ones! If we don’t love it, we won’t include it.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have any questions, you can reach us at!

In the meantime, join our social community on Instagram (@TohfaBox), Facebook (@shoptohfabox) or Pinterest (@TohfaBox) where we share the latest products, inspiration, & giveaways!


The Tohfa Box Team


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