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Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity in a workplace is truly the most important factor when it comes to getting things done. Sitting idle for hours while "working" can prove to be futile if you aren't actually productive and making progress towards goals.

We've narrowed down 5 ways you can improve productivity to ensure you or your employees aren't straying away from a timeline!

Limit unproductive meetings: Meetings can become quite time-consuming and unproductive. The longer a meeting's timings stretch, the more attendees tend to go off-topic. If you have the capability, schedule meetings for important events, launches, and campaigns versus simple day-to-day tasks.

Introduce Incentives: Incentive programs increase team performance by 45% because people genuinely feel appreciated for their tasks through rewards. Whether it be a task related bonus, quarterly team outings dependent on performance, or some sort of online points that can be used towards a purchase, human beings tend to gravitate more towards something when incentivized.

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Encourage regular breaks: Avoid employee fatigue and burnout by letting them take breaks throughout the day. This excludes a 10 minute break and 30 minute lunch. When people feel like they're bound to a very strict time schedule they can inherently slack off by unintentionally slowing down.

Introduce Productivity Planners: Encouraging others to track their tasks and number them from most to least important allows them to prioritize and plan accordingly.

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Implement tracking software: Time-tracking software makes it easy for team members to plan their day and log times to proctor how long certain tasks take, in turn allowing for organization overall


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