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Corporate Gifts: Work-From-Home Edition

Corporate Gifts: Work-From-Home Edition

Now that more and more employees are starting to work from home, the need for a more fitting space for work is also growing. Having an established work area at home can be vital to make sure that you can separate productive space from relaxing space. 
Here are some gifts that employers can give to help spice up their employees’  remote work spaces and make their work life a little easier.



Jabra Evolve2 40 ($142)

A nice set of headphones are a great way to treat employees that need to be on zoom calls all day long. Nowadays most headsets tend to have noise canceling which can be helpful to prevent distraction that can occur when working from home.



No work-form-home starter pack is complete without a good quality webcam. For many us, zoom could be the first time we might be meeting our colleagues and bosses. Having said that, making sure you present yourself with a high quality camera is a perfect way to look professional and make an amazing first impression.

 Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 ($60)


House Plants/Succulents

BlossomScape Money Tree ($49)

According to a study done in the UK called “Why plants in the office make us more productive”, the results indicated that having greenery such as house plants has know to increase productivity by almost 15%. Not only do they boost productivity but they can also add freshness to any work station. 

Gift Boxes

Tohfa Box - Foodie ($81)

Gift Boxes are an easy way to send personalized gifts to any employee. Whether it be a foodie or a skincare enthusiast, gift boxes are a great way to cater to any type of employee!


Coffee Mugs

W & P Ceramic Mug


Working from home can be relaxing but also stressful. These gifts for yourself, a colleague, or employee can increase work quality immensely!


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