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Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is Important

Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is Important

One of the most underappreciated aspects of business is gifting. Whether it be onboarding, employee appreciation, or general holiday gifts, the act of gifting is essential when it comes to the corporate world. 


Here are some reasons why corporate gifting is so significant.

Employee Motivation

Research has shown that inducing some sort of incentive program has led to an overall increase in productivity by 45%. Not only that, employees say that receiving gifts from their employers makes them feel appreciated. When employees are happy and feel like they are being taken care of, they are more likely to be loyal to the company and put in sincere effort. 

Long-Lasting Client Relationship

Sending a gift at the end of a project to a client can be a gesture of showing how much you value their business.

Growing Your Business

As mentioned above, gifting can translate feelings of appreciation; hence when a businesses feel respected, they are more likely to refer your brand/business to other customers. This can be great to get people familiar with your brand because this can lead to potential customers in the future. 


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