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How to make a charcuterie board│Holidays 2021

How to make a charcuterie board│Holidays 2021

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Charcuterie boards have gained such popularity in the past year and we're definitely here for it. They've got a bit of everything for everyone! It's also super normal to blank out when it comes to putting one together, so how do you wow your guests? We're here to help you effortlessly do so!


Hard: parmesan chunks, swiss, asiago

Firm: manchego, colby, cheddar

Semi soft: havarti, meunster

Soft: brie, goat cheese

Arrange them around the board. Pre-slice hard cheeses and cut a few wedges into the brie (which you can then fill with softer smaller foods like jams or pomegranate seeds)


Fold, arrange, and place in eye catching patterns that also take up space on your board!

Pickled Items

Give your tastebuds a bit of a zing with pickled items -- especially these red peppers!

Condiments & Spreads

Pair these with items that balance flavors. Honey with brie, basil pesto with parmesan. Place these into jars or ramekins to fill empty spaces and create height!


Pair citrus, sweet, and sour! Experiment with what they taste good.


Leave in piles or place in bowls according to the design you desire to have!


Try different textures, sizes, tastes, and even colors!

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