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4 Must-Have Sunscreens (approved non-toxic)

4 Must-Have Sunscreens (approved non-toxic)

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Although using varying sunscreens year round is a must, sometimes we skip this because it's gloomy and cold out, not acknowledging the fact that as long as there's light out, we're susceptible to skin damage. But as the sun's warmth gets stronger throughout the summer months, you owe the extra step of applying sunscreen to your complexion! 

If you really do your research on the ingredients in some of these well known brands' sunscreens, you come to find out that there are so many unhealthy formulations. Certain ingredients such as oxybenzone disrupt hormone cycles in both men and women because it's considered to be a synthetic estrogen.

We include sunscreen in our everyday routines here at Tohfa and we have personally tried all the following ones. We'll be highlighting some great sunscreens considering the coverage, formulation (if it's non-toxic), consistency, and if it leaves a white film across your skin.


 Elta MD UV Replenish Broad-Spectrum 


SPF 44 - oil free - nontoxic - transparent - water resistant (40 minutes)

The hyaluronic acid in this helps your skin keep in moisture while you're running your daily errands, on a day trip, and even swimming. It glides onto the skin smoothly, has a dewy finish, and is even pregnancy safe! The broad-spectrum formulation of this sunscreen blocks both UVA & UVB rays.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen 


SPF 40 - velvet finish - nontoxic - transparent -  water/sweat resistant (40 minutes)

It glides on with a gel-like texture, flawlessly fills in your pores, and has a soft opaque look on your skin. If you're someone with oily or combination skin, you can consider this as a dual product, both a sunscreen and weightless primer!




  Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheet Physical Daily Defense


 SPF 30 - transparent - 20% zinc oxide - non toxic - no white residue

 The sunflower shoot extract in this energizes the skin and delays aging alongside the protection from the sun! Safe for pregnancy and very lightweight on the skin.



                                La Roche-Posay Anthelios Light Fluid Facial Suncreen


 SPF 60 - ultra light - matte finish - nontoxic - water resistant (80 minutes)

This is a liquid, so must be incorporated onto the skin patiently, not all at once. It has a slight tint to it so definitely is not completely clear, but okay for sensitive skin!

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